Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thirukural Introduction

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Thirukural is a collection of 1330 couplets by a saint called Thiruvalluvar. It is purely based on Vedas and it covers various aspects of life. The 1330 couplets are divided into 3 sections and 133 chapters. Each chapter contains 10 couplets. Thirukkural is organised into three sections aram(virtue), porul (realities of life) and inbam(pleasures experienced by a man and a woman in the course of their relationship). Daily I will post one kural or one couplet and I will explain the meanings further in English. Trust me. It is truly powerful and it covers all area of our lives from sex to wealth. Be prepared for a change and please subscribe to my feed to receive daily Thirukural directly to your email address for free.

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